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Find out why we are considered people’s favorite sex doll store and why customers love buying from us


Love dolls are no longer a taboo and that's why shopping for a doll, should not be complicated. We are an American supplier of premium TPE and silicone dolls. We specialize in full body, custom design production, but we do offer an exciting range of pre-designed dolls that we think you will love. All dolls are pre-selected and quality tested, all suppliers are verified and absolutely reliable so you can shop with confidence.


Not all sex dolls are made equal. Brands, expertise and material matter.

American Sex Dolls Co. is a leading supplier of quality sex dolls. We directly control design and production and offer world class customer service. 

We know that searching for your perfect love doll can be overwhelming. The market is very complex and new doll brands pop up almost everyday. Something that looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

The problem with the sex dolls market today comes down to complete lack of norms and transparency with regard to production standards, quality control and even pricing tactics. Due to a personal nature of our products, you should always put trust and safety first. 

Our sex dolls are not only designed by experts but are manufactured according to highest standards. We control the quality of the product at each stage making sure our customers receive only the best. 

There is virtually no chance that a full size, quality, hand-crafted love doll will cost you less than a $1k. This is the reality but that's why our sex dolls also look so real and they also feel amazing. We never sell used, damaged or returned products. 

Quality control at every stage of production process

Quality control at every stage of production process


Our dolls are made from premium TPE and Silicone - no substitutes, no cheap alternatives

Sex dolls we make are made of high grade, certified and non-toxic silicone and TPE materials. This means our love dolls are easy to clean, safe and most of all, they feel real. Very real. 

Product testing (American Sex Dolls)

Product testing (American Sex Dolls)


Sex doll market is not regulated so there is a lot of room for scams and fakes but we try to match price whenever possible

Here, at American Sex Dolls Co, we believe in competitive pricing, but we also value our  customer support. And we know YOU do too. There is a huge advantage of buying  a doll from a trusted manufacturer based in the US. If you want to order from us but see a similar doll at a lower price elsewhere let us know - we will match the price. Of course we can't compete with counterfeit products. What are counterfeit sex dolls? Those are dolls made by no-name manufacturers, based on stolen photos and made with unverified materials. 

We offer a simple 'what you see is what you get' policy - those sex dolls you see on our website our the exact sex dolls that are manufactured in our factories. There is many online 'retailers' who post exact same photos but send completely different, low quality sex dolls made with no supervision and no post-sales support.


Worldwide presence

We are one of a very few companies with operations in the US, Europe and China. We control the design, manufacturing and delivery process and provide seamless customer experience. We are sourcing out best products, newest technology and top design.

We are located in the USA. That means you are buying a sex doll from real people, real company.

We are based in the USA offering local real-time customer service and quality sales support. You can shop with confidence knowing you buying original products from a trusted US seller.



We don't make nor sell any child-like #sexdolls We strongly believe #sexdolls #lovedolls #companiondolls can be beneficial when used right.

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Sex dolls occasionally fall victim of unfair accusations and misinterpretation. We strongly believe there is a deeper social mission behind our work and that's why we support initiatives and organizations fighting international human trafficking and sexual slavery.