Sex dolls changing humanity (forever)

Are sex dolls causing mass extinction

Luckily Great Thunberg didn’t think so (yet)

There has been a lot of hype around sex dolls recently and this is yet another time when we react to articles trying to present companion dolls as the ultimate threat to humanity. Never mind climate change, nuclear war and pollution... the one thing you should fear the most is a sex doll. 

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Dutch wives

Japanese ‘Dutch Wives’

How did the sex dolls came to be

When you hear a term ‘sex doll’ these days it is pretty clear what the name refers too: a realistic silicone, male or female creation that looks just like a human and comes with all anatomical details for safe intercourse or just general companionship. So what the heck are the ‘Dutch wives’?

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Best sex doll store

Who is the best USA sex doll store?

How to find the right sex doll vendor?

When you are finally ready to purchase your first silicone (or TPE) lady, you may be thinking, ‘who’s the best guys out there to buy from?’ Don’t worry brother, we got you. With hundreds of dolls and no BS approach to selling and most lovely customer service in the business, we are THE sex doll store.

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How to clean a sex doll?

Sex dolls cleaning

How to clean a sex doll practical guide

When you finally receive your doll and open the package, once you sat her in a chair or lay her on the bed… And as you start to marvel at how amazing your new queen is, and you realize you’re in love, another emotion might creep in and you might start thinking “What do I do next?!” Don’t worry, we got your back.

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Childlike sex dolls

Childlike sex dolls laws

Seasonal update on child-like sex doll laws and regulations (September 2019)

Young looking aka child sex dolls have now been officially banned in the USA, after Federal lawmakers followed in the footsteps of Great Britain and Australia, which had banned their importation and distribution.

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Sex Dolls and Human Trafficking

Sex dolls and human slavery

Could social approval of sex dolls help fight human trafficking?

According to recently published research by , there are more than 9,000 illicit massage businesses  — fronts for selling commercial sex — spread across every state in the United States. Could sex dolls became a socially acceptable alternative and effective weapon against human trafficking business?

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Amy Johnson
What's new with American Sex Dolls

Latest sex dolls models and deals

This summer was a busy time in the sex dolls business

With dozens of new amazing love doll models, brand new silicone designs and some verified new suppliers the sex dolls business is doing better than ever before and so is USA Sex Doll Shop. Here’s a short overview of what’s coming in September and quick rewind of the best sex dolls deals of 2019.

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