Sex Dolls v Blade Runner

Who's ready to bang a robot? How 'Blade Runner' predicted the future and the rise of sex dolls and sex robots.

Predicting the future isn't easy but it seems like Blade Runner got most of it right. This is why we found it very surprising the see the hologram rather than a sex robot in the recent Blade Runner 2049. 

Recent LSG’s podcast asks some serious questions about dating in the future, future sexuality, the sex dolls, the sex robot revolution, the next logical step from  $4,000 sex dolls hang out. Matthew and Dean talk about replicants, sex dolls, and they ask another important question about sex dolls: 'Are we going to bang robots into indifference?' LOL We agree, it is fun to talk about but we actually know this for a fact. And have some questions of our own. Let's dig in...

Sex Dolls and Holograms

Our first dilemma. We know K is a replicant (or is he?). But either way, how realistic is him having a holographic AI girlfriend rather than a Joi doesn't really make much sense, does it?


As Matt Miller of Esquire writes: 'Blade Runner 2049, the much-anticipated sequel to the Ridley Scott classic, does well to expand upon the themes and ideas of the original—providing an updated, and visually stunning exploration of the near-future dystopia that changed the future of science fiction. And in the style of the 1982 film, Blade Runner 2049 also provides a bizarre and fascinating sex scene that will be discussed by fans and critics for years to come.'

As we follow the relationship between Ryan Gosling's K, a replicant Blade Runner, and Ana de Armas's Joi, a holographic companion, we can't help but think about sex dolls and sex robots and the future of sexuality and relationships. In the world of Amazon's Alexa and Apple's Siri, and soon sure as the day and night, Google's AI assistant, the relationshiop between human and robot (?) or AI becomes suddenly very real and tangible.

Our problem with Joi's role is clearly about her form. She doesn't exist in a physical sense, leaving her unable to express her feelings—true or not—in the same way, that a human or even replicant could. Well, this is interesting because it seems like humans are physical and emotional beings. We must be able to to see and feel, but is seeing good enough? Would we honestly expect to speak to holograms in the year 2049? We don't think so. 

The sex doll revolution is happening already. Our sophisticated sex dolls already beat the hologram, so what about the next 10 or 20 years?

Now, the Mariette, a "pleasure model" replicant, that's a whole another level. A 'replicant' a synthetic human, more than a sex robot, way beyond a sex doll, that's a future that is much more mysterious, much more vague from every perspective. Ethically, how far are we willing to explore the technology and biology? How far are we willing to push the limits of what's acceptable?

Just like the sex scene in the Blade Runner film, and also similarly the sex scene between Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson (her voice, at least) in 2013's Her, the sex dolls still remain controversial and easily misjudged.  Interestingly enough, Her is also a movie focused on analyzing the feelings of artificial life—specifically in regards to one relationship.

Much has already been said about sex dolls being a threat to humanity, to women etc... Also, the movie, as Matt Miller points out, 'hardly spends the time to really explore Mariette's character and the ethics behind manufacturing what's essentially a sentient sex doll. We don't know how she feels about this three-way transaction, only that it serves as a plot device—an elaborate excuse for her to slip a tracking mechanism in K's jacket. Instead, the narrative belongs to Gosling alone.'

Enter Sex Robots aka Synthetic Humans

In the original movie, Daryl Hannah’s Pris was a “basic pleasure model” Replicant – a sex robot. Sex dolls are advancing and the latest bot, Samantha, even featured on This Morning. We here at American Sex Dolls are also working on our own version of an intelligent sex doll. It will probably take a little longer to develop a truly intelligent sex robot though. Luckily, it will probably take much much longer until a 'synthetic human' can be made, although, who can tell...


Sex Dolls v AI 

We were impressed with the Blade Runner 2049. It's one of those movies that deserve more attention than it got. Dennis Villeneuve makes great but complex pictures and just like the "Sicario', the 'Blade Runner 2049' did not have the most of luck at the box office.

Sex Dolls from Blade Runner?

Below we've put together a list of our sex dolls that remind us a bit of the movie characters from the Blade Runner series:

RITA (5'3)
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