Meet our GDPR Officers

So, the infamous, notorious GDPR is coming to town... All that fuss about some European regulations you may think... And you're right. We aim to resist but we must comply. As simple as that. But hey, at least let's make some fun while we're at it ;)

So today, we're introducing our newly appointed GDPR Sex Dolls Compliance Officers. Enjoy!

Here, at American Sex Dolls Co. we care about your privacy and the privacy of your customers. With new laws going into effect in the European Union later this month, we are working hard to ensure that we as a service provider, and by extension, our users, are compliant with the law.

Our privacy policy has been updated to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and explains how you can exercise your rights under GDPR. We encourage you to review the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in full, which will apply to you if you continue to use our products and services on and after May 25, 2018.

The second choice, our Deputy GDPR Compliance Officer is Kim. Upon accepting her new role, Kim said: "I would like to thank the American Sex Dolls Co. for the honor and privilege. I will do my best to protect the rights of our people, all the people, here in the USA and in Europe. I would like to thank the Chancellor Angela Merkel for creating such an opportunity for any aspiring women... I'm thrilled, what else can I say...". 

We want to provide our customers with the best experience and best privacy protection. So we encourage you to review your settings, and the privacy policy. 

Please take a moment to review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, as well as our new help section for GDPR-related questions. We’re excited to continue to serve you and your business, and we’re proud of the work we are doing to protect the personal data of everyone who uses our website ;)

That's why we have appointed our lovely GDPR Compliance Officers. Our first and obvious choice was naturally Rita. You can learn more about her in this professional bio here
"We felt like Rita, with her corporate experience, and her understanding of the entertainment industry, will be a perfect choice and we are confident she will guide us through the rough waters of the GDPR compliance blue ocean" - said Amy J., Sales Manager at #GDPR.jpg