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Sex Doll Reviews say:

“American Sex Dolls Co. is a US-based supplier of quality sex dolls. The customer can choose between the TPE or the Silicon variety. Both are built solidly and can be positioned any way you want. The difference between TPE and Silicone is that TPE dolls are generally softer and can mimic the human skin pretty accurately. The silicon variant, on the other hand, is known for durability, they are easier to clean as well. People have varied opinions on which is better and understandably so. In our opinion, both serve their intended purpose well, and the difference is not that substantial. 

American Sex Dolls’ goal is “To offer the best sex doll buying experience.” Their business specializes in offering whole body and fully customizable designs to suit all types of tastes. They also take pride in the fact that their pre-designed dolls are made with a lot of care.

Their website sports an attractive design, with pictures of their dolls in full display. We like how they used small thumbnails of the dolls as clickable links, it quickly catches the eye and makes for a more attractive website. The front page of the website is where you can see most of the things you might look for. The dolls are arranged into three categories: Curvy, Small and Lightweight. The sex dolls They have a separate FAQ page to house the most commonly asked questions.”

We say:

That’s right, we have a great, user friendly website. We do aim to offer the best sex doll buying experience - just as with any other product - it should be easy, seamless, non judgmental and safe. We have new dolls posted daily, and with simple navigation and straightforward order page we make it practical and smooth. Too much options can kill all the fun. We’d rather to you talk to our team and tell us what you need rather than spend hours researching an building your product.

Sex Doll Selection & Pricing

They say:

“The selection of American Sex Dolls Co. is pretty good. They have a good array of dolls of varying size and design. The doll sizes range from as petite as 5’2″ and up. They have dolls of different looks as well, as we speak they have these variations: Busty, Ebony, Full Body Oriental, Over $2k, Small Body, Under $2k and Under 5′. While this is certainly impressive, they could have also added options for male dolls as demand for it is rapidly increasing.

The prices of the dolls seem to be on the pricey side. First-time buyers might not be able to get much if they are on a limited budget. The accessories are lacking in our opinion; this is especially important because the prices of the dolls are not low. Things like wigs, lingerie, and the like can go a long way because they can improve the look of the dolls without too much work.”

We say:

Traditionally we focused on female dolls and making sure we have all the trustworthy brands and products. We visit factories and inspect products to make sure our online sex doll collection is top notch. We do realize the male dolls are coming and we are embracing it. Expect many more listed soon. More accessories coming soon too! All dolls come with wig selection, custom options - we just keep it simple and don’t make you chose so much.

Pricing - we are on the affordable side. We just don’t use cheap substitutes and sales gimmicks. The price of the original doll is what you see plus seasonal promotions and deals.

Shipping sex dolls

They say:

“The company offers free shipping (the US and worldwide) for their products. Customers have the option to do Premium shipping if requested. American Sex Dolls ensures that the package is sent to the customer as discreetly as possible. They use non-branded boxes to ship the dolls. No logo and indication of the company will be seen on the package. Tracking information is always given when an order is finalized. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for the shipping, American Sex Dolls will provide updates on the progress of the shipment.”

We say:

Correct. Free and speedy shipping plus we are there for you 7 days a week. You can expect our support all along the way. Just keep in touch and we will make sure you receive your doll quickly and with no trouble.

Sex Doll Return Policy

The accurate information should be:

American Sex Dolls Co. does offer a standard return policy; the company promises that they will make the necessary arrangements to keep the customers satisfied with the service. In cases of manufacturer defects, it is advised that the customer must inform American Sex Dolls Co. within 24 hours after the package is sent out. It is important that buyers should inspect the product once it is received to ensure that timeliness of returns is done if necessary.

American Sex Dolls Co. will replace any missing parts or replace the actual unit. Customers must return the product in their original box within seven (7) days; an address will be given by a customer service representative.


We agree:

American Sex Dolls Co. accepts all major credit cards. PayPal payment is also accepted which is good news. Paypal allows customers to choose between bank account, PayPal balance, Paypal credit & debit cards. American Sex Dolls Co. values the customer’s security, the company is SSL encrypted and uses Paypal to prevent information breach. This company will never store the customer’s payment information nor share personal details with anyone.

Customer satisfaction

We have a 100% customer satisfaction and we won’t stop here! We keep it friendly, low key and fun.

Overall review

They said:

“American Sex Dolls Co. is a company with a lot of good things going for it. They have a nice selection of dolls that look attractive; their website is pleasing to look at and easy to navigate. However, the prices of most of the dolls are higher compared to other companies in the market. The selection of male and younger looking dolls are extremely lacking. The option to customize the look of the dolls are also limited by the fact that there’s very little in the way of choices in clothing and body accessories. The website could benefit a lot if they’ve added things to spice up what’s already available.

So does Sex Dolls Reviews Team recommend this company? It depends. If you are a sex doll veteran and you’d like to have good choices, then this might be a good website to visit. If you are on a budget and would like to get a reasonably priced doll, then this is probably not the first website we would recommend. Overall this company is a welcome addition to the growing list of sex toy companies. It still has some issues regarding price and doll options, but it has some strengths as well.”

We say:

Yes, there’s a lot of good going on. We just want to note: pricing is competitive, we don’t post many young looking dolls because of the law. Male dolls, they’re coming. Trust, level of customer support, experience - those are our advantages. Don’t just buy a sex doll - buy it from someone you can trust and someone you like. Just like us; the best sex doll store.


PS. Don’ forget to keep if fun as you are building your silicone ladies collection!

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