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Curvy mature 6Ye sex doll

Sexy 5ft real TPE milf style love doll

What is your most fond teenage fantasy? Isn’t that the sexy neighbor next door whom you first saw through her bedroom window and then met at the BBQ party her husband would throw each summer?

And couldn’t you just tell she looked like she was up to something? Almost like she didn’t belong in this small town with her small dog and small minded hubby? She was more like Carrie Hopewell from the Banshee TV series, a mysterious past, maybe a modelling career or maybe something completely different. You didn’t know, but they way she looked at you back then, she knew…

Now, fast forward to today, there she is again, as beautiful and free as ever, standing right in your kitchen, in a see through flower dress and black pantyhose. She hasn’t aged but she gained a few sexy inches here and there, and you must admit, she looks amazing. Her full breast is all natural but firm, her makeup is perfect, damn! she does look like Carrie or maybe Anastasia… Then she turns around and you notice she wears no underwear… Now it is your turn to turn that dream into reality. She is one click away after all so order today!

All 6Ye Amor dolls are now made with new TPE formula, providing non-oily and non-sticky feel that also requires less maintenance.

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Amor Doll 153cm D-cup Face N97

Plus size Patriotic American Sex Doll by 6Ye


Skin tone, nipple size & color, full or hollow breast, hairstyle (indicate when placing order)

6Ye hair options

Body measurements:

Height: 153cm (5') - head included
Weight: 36.5kg (80.5lbs) - head included
Bust: 77cm (30.3")
Under-bust: 62cm (24.4")
Waist: 60cm (23.6")
Hip: 98cm (38.6")
Foot Length: 20cm (7.87")
Thigh Circum: 57cm (22.44")
Inner Leg Length: 74cm (29")
Arm Length: 54cm (21")
Shoulder Wide: 37cm (14.6")
Vagina Depth: 17cm (6.7")
Anal Depth: 15cm (5.9")
Oral Depth: 15cm (5.9")

Ball-joint skeleton; Ball-joint shrug shoulder; Enhanced finger-bone tip design; Ball-joint neck; realistic Vagina and Anus hole; Quick Head Connector 2nd Gen


1. Mobility: All 6Ye Premium dolls can move flexibly, especially in a human-like circular plane.
2. Pleasant smell (will be odourless after washing): Unlike cheap counterfeit dolls,our dolls’ TPE material have a natural, pleasant smell. This is possible thanks to using a unique premium TPE formula.
3. Durability: the unique TPE formula makes our dolls very durable.
4. Highly Realistic and Detailed: natural-looking, realistic labia, nipples, anus and facial features makes these dolls one of the best in class
5. New Head Connector: We understand the pain of swivelling a doll head to connect it with its body. It's unrealistic, painful to look at and a nightmare if it's stuck! We've therefore created a new connector! Just place the head on it's neck, and they're connected!